Superior Business Weapons And Business Lessons From The Last Heavy Weight Boxing Bout…

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

…where An Overweight Boxer Humiliated A 6 Pack, Buffed Heavy Weight Champion.

Did you watch the heavyweight fight between Andy Ruiz (the Mexican boxer), and Anthony, the heavyweight champion?

Well I did not.

I didn’t even now there was a fight. Lol.

Had to watch the highlights though and read some articles about the fight after I saw many social media memes about it.

I had to check it out.

Guess what?

It’s a real SHAME.

You know, most people never gave the Mexican boxer a chance.

Many people said he was too fat and all that.

But he ended up beating the reigning heavy weight champion (blue-black) and took all his belts.

Real shame. (I tell you).

Many people have different theories about why he lost.

Well, I have mine too.

I call them life lessons.

And these lessons are SERIOUS lessons about life and business in general.

Here they are;

1. NEVER take anyone for granted.



I believe lesson number 2 is a Boy Scout slogan…but its 100% true.

So how does these lessons connect to business?

Well, here is the thing.

Business is like WAR. Or a boxing bout. ( if you like)

No sane person will go for war unprepared.

If you do, you’ll get SLAUGHTERED.

Anthony (the reigning heavy weight champion) probably underrated the Mexican boxer and did not prepare properly for the fight.  

It cost him all his belts.

So lemme ask you this.

Are you prepared or preparing to win in your business?

Or are you like Anthony just jumping into the arena (of business) to be Slaughtered?

One way to prepare for the “WAR of BUSINESS”…is to have the right arsenal and superior weapons

 In business, a superior weapon can be a “bad ass copywriter”… Who can craft winning sales letters, emails and other persuasive messages that convert prospects to buyers.

And that’s what I do for my clients.

That’s what I’ll do for you and your business.

So do you need a sales letter, emails or any kind of sales material written for your business?

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Do it NOW…so you don’t get slaughtered like Anthony.

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