Top Direct Response Copywriters (And Digital Marketers) In Nigeria or Africa You Can Hire 

Dear reader,

If you’re looking to hire a Direct Response copywriter ( or a digital marketer) in Nigeria, who can write high converting… 

… Sales letters 

… Emails 

… Facebook ads

… Flyers 

… Squeeze pages 

…  Landing pages 

Etc, then you’re on the right page. 

This page reveals a growing list of trusted, and competent copywriters at different levels and expertise…who write for different niches. 

Contact any of them, negotiate your fees and get high converting copy for your next project. 

Here they are ( in no particular order)

1. Mk Akan (Mkpouto Usua) 

He is called by some, ” Nigeria’s number 1 copywriter”, including top public speaker, Mr George Essien. 

He is the founder of Nigerian Copywriting Club and Mk Copywriting School.

He has over 10 years of experience. And has written copy for clients in the UK and America, including InvestorAlley, an imprint of Agora financial. (A $1billion revenue company) 

He writes for the financial, business, self help and IM space. 

You can reach him by sending an email to or call 0809 444 1001. 

2.Chike McArthur

Chike McArthur is a Nigerian copywriter popularly known for inventing the “C4” concept – a far easier way of sparking off big ideas for advertising.

He is also the founder of a Facebook group called Copy Riders. And though he has worked with top Nigerian social media celebrities, his first love remains teaching copy.

A great teacher is first a great student. Hence, Chike chose to drop out of college in 2007 to go pursue the education of his dreams.

And today his value and love for the right kind of education shines in his daily mission as a copy coach.

To reach him, you can email him at

If you’re a freelance Nigerian direct response copywriter with proven writing chops, you’d like to be added to this list…

… Send a 100 word profile with your Pic to

Thank you