How a great “kickass headline” can destroy your sales and business 

Most #copywriters want to come up with the most outlandish headline ever. 

something that can catch balls and even break people’s eyes. Lol. 

But you know , sometimes your so-called Kick-Ass headline, can actually ruin your #sales. 

 Yes it’s possible. Here’s how. 

You see, there are different “awareness and different sophistication levels” in the marketplace. 

Anytime you write a headline and you ignore the different awareness level of your audience, you could mess things up 

For example, if you write to somebody who is completely unaware and use a headline for someone who is “problem or solution aware” you’re going to miss sales. . 

So before you write that headline, think about the awareness of your market because that Kick-Ass headline might kick your sales away.. 

Thank you

Author: Mk Akan (Copywriter)

Mk Akan is a Direct Response Copywriter with over 7 years experience. He has written "winning" copy in different industries and niches including IM, Wealth, Relationship, Self Help, and fundraising. Contact him NOW and start making more sales and profit in your business.

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