How to get paid as a copywriter without depending on a client

Easiest Way to Earn As a Copywriter?

A few years ago, Gary Halbert, one of my mentors, revealed something I’ll never forget.

This secret is a simple tip that can change your financial life.

Let me explain.

You see, copywriting is a skill for persuading and selling anything.

You can apply it to your daily interactions with people.

And get almost anything.

You can use it to sell physical products, (e-commerce), seal deals and form profitable partnerships.

Opportunities will come knocking on your door almost daily…

Because everyone needs a copywriter to sell their ideas, products and vision.

So without a doubt, you can make plenty pepper with this skill.

Unfortunately, most copywriters think writing for clients is the best way to earn.

Well, not really.

Truth is…

The most successful copywriters sell their own products.

They don’t always work for others.


Because No one can pay higher than yourself.

And one of easiest products you can create and sell is an info product.

I mean ebooks, audios and other digital products.

These types of products can easily generate 1000 percent returns.


It does not require buying inventory.

It’s more lucrative than selling physical products.

Gary called it selling “thin air” .

And he’s right.

You see, a simple 10 page ebook can be sold 1 million times.

You write the product 1 time, but sell it 1,000, 10,000 or 1 million times.

No delivery fees.
No buying inventory.
No stress.

That’s why some of the most successful direct response companies sell information products.

Audio trainings

They produce it one time then sell it again and again.

And you can easily do it without it affecting your other businesses.


You don’t have to be an expert before you can create an Info product.

You don’t have to be an expert copywriter to sell your info products.

Wanna know how to do it?

Well, in the last 10 years I have created over 30 information products.

I have tried different methods.

And the easiest method I have found is the LOT Method.

See details here…

Infact, selling your own info product is a cool way to develop your copywriting skill..

Go check this out.

Mk Akan

Ps- It is possible to develop your copywriting skill while getting paid.

Most clients will only hire you if you have samples and results.

Creating and selling your own digital products is a great way to develop your skill…

have real copy samples…

And get paid all at the same time.

With the LOT Method, you’ll easily create a fast selling ebook ( or digital product)…

In any niche… Even if you’re not an expert.

Go check it out here.

The Lot Method


If you like to order with PayPal, go here.


Author: Mk Akan (Copywriter)

Mk Akan is a Direct Response Copywriter with over 7 years experience. He has written "winning" copy in different industries and niches including IM, Wealth, Relationship, Self Help, and fundraising. Contact him NOW and start making more sales and profit in your business.

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