Direct Response Copywriter For Hire 

If you’re searching for a direct response copywriter to hire… 

… so you can get a high converting sales letter, email series , landing page or any kind of direct response copywriting sales material…

…Then you’re on the right website. 


My name is Mk Akan. And I am a Direct Response copywriter. 

Expert Direct response copywriter. Mk Akan

For the last 7 years I have crafted high converting sales copy for businesses and individuals around the world. 

I specialize in direct response financial copywriting. 

I have written financial direct response copy for InvestorsAlley, an Agora Financial imprint

I have also write direct response sales letters and copy for different niches like…business, self development, internet marketing and other niches. 

If you like to read about some of my  clients, the results I have produced for them… 

Or you want to contact me… 

… Then click the link below

Direct response copywriter for hire 

Thank you. 

Author: Mk Akan (Copywriter)

Mk Akan is a Direct Response Copywriter with over 7 years experience. He has written "winning" copy in different industries and niches including IM, Wealth, Relationship, Self Help, and fundraising. Contact him NOW and start making more sales and profit in your business.

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