How to get paid as a copywriter without depending on a client

Easiest Way to Earn As a Copywriter?

A few years ago, Gary Halbert, one of my mentors, revealed something I’ll never forget.

This secret is a simple tip that can change your financial life.

Let me explain.

You see, copywriting is a skill for persuading and selling anything.

You can apply it to your daily interactions with people.

And get almost anything.

You can use it to sell physical products, (e-commerce), seal deals and form profitable partnerships.

Opportunities will come knocking on your door almost daily…

Because everyone needs a copywriter to sell their ideas, products and vision.

So without a doubt, you can make plenty pepper with this skill.

Unfortunately, most copywriters think writing for clients is the best way to earn.

Well, not really.

Truth is…

The most successful copywriters sell their own products.

They don’t always work for others.


Because No one can pay higher than yourself.

And one of easiest products you can create and sell is an info product.

I mean ebooks, audios and other digital products.

These types of products can easily generate 1000 percent returns.


It does not require buying inventory.

It’s more lucrative than selling physical products.

Gary called it selling “thin air” .

And he’s right.

You see, a simple 10 page ebook can be sold 1 million times.

You write the product 1 time, but sell it 1,000, 10,000 or 1 million times.

No delivery fees.
No buying inventory.
No stress.

That’s why some of the most successful direct response companies sell information products.

Audio trainings

They produce it one time then sell it again and again.

And you can easily do it without it affecting your other businesses.


You don’t have to be an expert before you can create an Info product.

You don’t have to be an expert copywriter to sell your info products.

Wanna know how to do it?

Well, in the last 10 years I have created over 30 information products.

I have tried different methods.

And the easiest method I have found is the LOT Method.

See details here…

Infact, selling your own info product is a cool way to develop your copywriting skill..

Go check this out.

Mk Akan

Ps- It is possible to develop your copywriting skill while getting paid.

Most clients will only hire you if you have samples and results.

Creating and selling your own digital products is a great way to develop your skill…

have real copy samples…

And get paid all at the same time.

With the LOT Method, you’ll easily create a fast selling ebook ( or digital product)…

In any niche… Even if you’re not an expert.

Go check it out here.

The Lot Method


If you like to order with PayPal, go here.



 This Copywriter “Quadrupled His Client’s Sales With A Simple Sales Letter

Read On To Discover How He Can Craft Your Own Winning Sales Letter, Advertorial, Space Ad, Email Series Or Any “High Converting” Advert For Your Offer

Dear Reader,

Do you want a high converting squeeze page, sales letter or email series written to sell your product or service?

Are you looking to hire a  copywriter to test against your control, sales letter, email series, or space ad?

Do you want to generate more sales and money in your business?

Do you want a direct response copywriter to work with you on your team?… or help generate maximum sales for your next project?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place.

First, A Little Story About How I Helped A Client Explode Sales In His Business

Everything started when I got an email in 2012.

Someone was promoting a freelance blogging course.

So I clicked the link and landed on the sales page. As I read it, I shook my head like a disappointed mum who just stumbled on a playboy mag in her son’s bag.


The Sales Page Was A Big MESS

  • Weak headline
  • Weak copy
  • Boring bullets

The copy had so many “money-leaking” holes. Just then an idea popped into my head. “Why don’t I rework this sales letter and get paid for it?” I thought it over for a minute then grabbed a pen and note pad.

Few Minutes Later, I Scribbled A Headline Hook And An Idea For The Overall Theme Of The Copy.

I opened my laptop and got to work. Halfway through typing the copy, I decided to mail the draft and make the guy an offer.

His name is Tom.

2 days go by.  No reply

I wasn’t going to let my efforts go to waste so I tracked him down on Twitter and sent him a DM.

“I sent you an email with something that can double your sales overnight”.

Minutes later he replied.

“I am on vac. Will mail you ASAP”

He checked his email later that day and sent me a reply.

We struck a deal and I jump neck deep into crafting the new sales letter.

After 5 days of back and forth emails, he got the final work.

His reaction? He was not sure he will use it.

He said he hated my writing style.I was like “just test it “.

Later on, he decided to run a split test with his own copy. Guess what the result was?

4.51% Conversion Rate –

I Quadrupled His Sales


My sales letter beat his blue-black. His sales letter was converting at less than 1 %. ( can’t remember the exact figure)

See what the guy said about my copy and what I can do for you.

“It Definitely Outperformed The First Sales Page”


Now I know… That conversion rate may not be anything to brag about. True that.

But that sales letter went on to generate a lot of money for Tom. A lot more than his other sales letter ever made.

And This Is Exactly What I’ll Do For You


My name is Mk Akan.

And I am an entrepreneur and a Direct Response Copywriter. I help businesses and individuals generate more money from their businesses… by crafting persuasive copy that converts visitors to subscribers, and prospects to happy paying customers.

For the last 10 years, I have written copy for my business and many other clients.

See What Clients, Customers, And Business Partners Say About Me, My Products And My Copy Services

Andreas says…

Thank you for the valuable emails you are sending to me…

John says…“Thank for the mails”

Meshach Says…

“The message [emails] you send to my email box is important to me”

Olaniyi says…“I’m very grateful for all your mails”

Caleb says…” I make sure I read all your emails…”


Here Are Different Assets I Have Written For Clients And Can Generate For YOU?

  1. Sales letters 2. Squeeze pages
  2. Emails broadcasts /autoresponders emails 4. Presell pages and materials
  3. Advertorials

So How Much Do I Charge For My Services?

Firstly, I don’t work that way.

It would be a disservice to you to discuss money without even knowing what you want or what your project is about.

Secondly, when I work with clients I have only one goal.

My goal is to help you generate maximum profit from your business.

For that reason, my copy service is definitely not CHEAP.

But it is an affordable INVESTMENT.

Here’s what I mean.

If my copy helps you generate $100 000 or, $200 000 or $1 million,… then investing $5000 or, $10 000 or $20 000 or… (a flat fee plus royalties) for my service…is definitely a good deal for YOU.

Wouldn’t You INVEST $5000 or $10 000 to Get $200 000 (or More) In Return?

Of course, you would. But that’s not all.

Here’s another reason why I don’t discuss or quote a fee upfront.

Sometimes a client may want something…but after discussing the project, we realize they may need something else. (or a number of things)

Sometimes my little suggestion makes the project more profitable and successful.

So before we discuss fees, we need to talk.

And before we even discuss fees, let me answer a question that may be burning in your mind.

Alright, Mk, There Are So Many Other Direct Response Copywriters Out There, Why Should I Work With You?

Great question. Here’s why you should work with me and not just anyone.

Reason 1

I am not just a copywriter. I am an entrepreneur.

I have my own products and services. I sell information products, so I understand traffic and marketing. I understand customer care and the little (but ignored) nitty-gritty of running a business.

I understand that there are many other things needed to make a business work, not just copy.

And because of that, I’ll consider everything when writing your sales copy.

Most copywriters don’t have their own products. So may not really know some of these things. They may know it theoretically, but not practical because they are not really in the trenches.

Some only offer copywriting services, so they don’t really understand what’s involved.

Go take a look.

Most of the most creative and successful copywriters have their own businesses and offers. (Only a few are an exception).

Reason 2 

I work FAST. You can get your sales letter or any other sales material in 1 week to 2 months. This depends on the size and scope of the project.

As a business owner myself, I understand deadlines and what it means to shift a launch… or be disappointed because someone did not deliver on time.

I understand how frustrating it can be for a business owner to delay a launch because of a freelance.

So I’ll do my best to deliver as fast as possible.

If I can’t deliver at the specific time frame you want, I’ll let you know.

I am not gonna waste your time.

Reason 3

I treat clients with RESPECT and keep my ego aside.


If you have ever hired or worked with a direct response copywriter,… you’ll likely realize that most copywriters are egotistical.

The reason is simple.

The ability to persuade people to take action (even sometimes against their will) is a HIGH-value skill. So this sometimes gets into their head. Well, I don’t let my ability get to me.

I don’t have time for that kind of CRAP.

Clients are PEOPLE who pay for my services, so I treat them with respect. I will treat you the same way.

I keep my ego aside.

Reason 4

I understand MARKETING.

Here’s the thing.

Most people confuse marketing with copywriting. These are 2 very different but related activities.

Here’s a little LESSON.

Copywriting is what you say in video or audio or what you write to persuade people to take action.

Marketing is how you get people to watch, view or read whatever you write or publish using different channels.

Since I run my own business and sell my own products, I understand marketing.

I’ll bring in all my experiences as I write sales copy for your project.

Reason 5 

I understand LISTS.

List here refers to “target markets” or “targeted groups of people”.Here’s the thing. Most people don’t know that the most important part of sales is people. I mean people you send your sales message to. People who read the COPY, not the copy itself.

See. The best sales letter sent to the wrong set of people will not convert. But a sucky sales letter sent to the “right set of people” will perform wonders. Ya. This is completely true and has been proven over and over in all niches.

So A Big Part Of Writing Super Successful Copy Is IDENTIFYING The Right Target Market

Then write the Sales Letter To Target Them Exclusively.

That’s how I work and exactly what you’ll get from me.

When we discuss, and after my research, you’ll discover the different segments of people the sales letter should target. (And if you’re sure you already know your SPECIFIC target market already, please feel free to share and discuss with me). Unfortunately, sadly many amateur copywriters just think it is only about the sales copy.

Well, it’s not.

Don’t hire the wrong guy.

Here’s How I Work

Step 1 

First, you’ll fill a simple form at the end of this page. Pick a convenient time we can chat and send me an email with details of your project.

I use calendly.

I’ll take a look at your email and get back to you ASAP. This is usually between 1 hour- 24 hours (depending on the day and my schedule).

Step 2

I’ll jump on zoom or Skype to discuss your project.

(You know, the more I know about your project, the better we can work). First, I’ll determine if we are a good fit.

Then we’ll discuss fees, the scope of work, the results you expect and every little detail about your project.

If you’re a good fit, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can learn more about your project.

Step 3

I’ll send you a contract

You’ll make a deposit of 50% of the agreed sum of the project.

After payment, I’ll start your project and communicate with you throughout the project. I will send you the first draft. After you make inputs, I will send the second draft.

Step 4 

After all corrections, the final copy will be delivered to you after the remaining 50% is paid. You can now go ahead and test the copy and start making money.

What Niches Do You Work In?

I write copy for offers is in internet marketing niches, opportunity niches, and wealth niches. 

(I sell my own offers and services in some of these niches, so I know them like the back of my hand). But I do work in other niches too. So even if your niche is different, I can still generate sales for you.

NOTE: Here Who I Don’t Work With

  1. Scammers and thieves who sell bad or worthless products and services. Sorry, I won’t help you scam people.
  2. “Drama kings” or “drama queens” who don’t know the value of a copywriter. If you plan to get copy written for you without making payment, then please don’t contact me.
  3. Know-It-All-Business People-

There are a few people who think they know better than anyone else.

They don’t take advice. They don’t listen to other pros.

Please if you have an ego problem and can’t learn or can’t try new stuff, please don’t contact me.

A Funny Client Story

One time I wrote copy for a client who went back to edit the copy.

She deleted some of what I wrote. And used her new copy.

It did not convert very well. And I was angry like a raging storm. It’s funny how some people hire an expert to do something, then go-ahead to do the work of the expert.

Please if you have this kind of tendency, please don’t contact me.

I can’t work with clients who LOVE to sabotage their business or efforts.

Finally, I look forward to working with you. And make you a lot of money.

Contact me, immediately. Thank you.


Mk Akan

Direct Response copywriter

Got a question? Contact me directly.

Click This Link To Set Up An Appointment (It Takes Just 180 Seconds)

PS- But you need to HURRY and CONTACT me NOW because many people will READ this page.

And since I can only work on a project per time, the earlier you contact me, the earlier we can work on your project.

So even if you will need my services LATER (or in a few weeks), fix an appointment NOW and book your spot.

Thank you.

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Revealed: The Secret $1 billion Headline Formula Used by the Biggest Companies in Direct Response Marketing

(Like Agora Publishing) 

It can double or triple your sales almost overnight. 


What you’re about to discover here is a powerful headline formula. 

It has brought in billions in sales for the biggest direct response companies in the world. 

I uncovered this headline formula after studying and breaking down lots of promotions in the financial and health space. 

It’s easy to use and quite powerful.

 If you sell anything with direct response copywriting, you should use it. 

It may beat your other headlines. 

Before I reveal this formula, let me talk a little bit about headlines. 

According to Claude Hopkins,( a master copywriter)… your headline is 80% of your ad. 

So it can make or break your sales. 

In the book Great Leads, 2 renowned copywriters agree that your headline is 80% of your ad. 

With that said, here’s the formula. 

I call it the CAB headline formula. 

C for credibility 

A for attention

B for benefit 


Most headlines on s sales letters come in 3 parts. 

  1. The eyebrow copy 
  2. The Main headline 
  3. The deck copy

The eyebrow copy is the first line of text seen in a sales letter. 

Usually just above the main headline. 

The main headline is usually bolder in font size. 

It is usually in the middle. 

The main headline can mention a benefit or a mechanism.

The “deck copy” is the 3rd part of your headline complex.

This 3rd part can mention the benefit or what the reader will gain by reading the sales letter.

Sometimes the deck copy comes with a testimonial.


Now take a look at the picture below. 

No alt text provided for this image

(Justin Goff posted that picture not long ago in his group)

The picture uses the CAB headline formula. 

  1. The eyebrow copy mentions “2 Nobel prize Economists”. 

This projects strong credibility. 

2. The main headline says “ Will You Be Left Behind”

That’s something you want to go check out.

3. The deck copy talks about “millionaires’” and how you can make great wealth.

That’s the benefit of reading the copy.

And there you have it.

A simple but powerful headline formula.


Of course, this is not the only headline formula.

But it is very effective when selling to sophisticated or problem aware markets.


Now would you like me to write this kind of headline for you to test or for your next project?

Hit me up lets talk.

Mk Akan


Direct Response Copywriter For Hire 

If you’re searching for a direct response copywriter to hire… 

… so you can get a high converting sales letter, email series , landing page or any kind of direct response copywriting sales material…

…Then you’re on the right website. 


My name is Mk Akan. And I am a Direct Response copywriter. 

Expert Direct response copywriter. Mk Akan

For the last 7 years I have crafted high converting sales copy for businesses and individuals around the world. 

I specialize in direct response financial copywriting. 

I have written financial direct response copy for InvestorsAlley, an Agora Financial imprint

I have also write direct response sales letters and copy for different niches like…business, self development, internet marketing and other niches. 

If you like to read about some of my  clients, the results I have produced for them… 

Or you want to contact me… 

… Then click the link below

Direct response copywriter for hire 

Thank you. 

Top Direct Response Copywriters (And Digital Marketers) In Nigeria or Africa You Can Hire 

Dear reader,

If you’re looking to hire a Direct Response copywriter ( or a digital marketer) in Nigeria, who can write high converting… 

… Sales letters 

… Emails 

… Facebook ads

… Flyers 

… Squeeze pages 

…  Landing pages 

Etc, then you’re on the right page. 

This page reveals a growing list of trusted, and competent copywriters at different levels and expertise…who write for different niches. 

Contact any of them, negotiate your fees and get high converting copy for your next project. 

Here they are ( in no particular order)

1. Mk Akan (Mkpouto Usua) 

He is called by some, ” Nigeria’s number 1 copywriter”, including top public speaker, Mr George Essien. 

He is the founder of Nigerian Copywriting Club and Mk Copywriting School.

He has over 10 years of experience. And has written copy for clients in the UK and America, including InvestorAlley, an imprint of Agora financial. (A $1billion revenue company) 

He writes for the financial, business, self help and IM space. 

You can reach him by sending an email to or call 0809 444 1001. 

2.Chike McArthur

Chike McArthur is a Nigerian copywriter popularly known for inventing the “C4” concept – a far easier way of sparking off big ideas for advertising.

He is also the founder of a Facebook group called Copy Riders. And though he has worked with top Nigerian social media celebrities, his first love remains teaching copy.

A great teacher is first a great student. Hence, Chike chose to drop out of college in 2007 to go pursue the education of his dreams.

And today his value and love for the right kind of education shines in his daily mission as a copy coach.

To reach him, you can email him at

If you’re a freelance Nigerian direct response copywriter with proven writing chops, you’d like to be added to this list…

… Send a 100 word profile with your Pic to

Thank you

How a great “kickass headline” can destroy your sales and business 

Most #copywriters want to come up with the most outlandish headline ever. 

something that can catch balls and even break people’s eyes. Lol. 

But you know , sometimes your so-called Kick-Ass headline, can actually ruin your #sales. 

 Yes it’s possible. Here’s how. 

You see, there are different “awareness and different sophistication levels” in the marketplace. 

Anytime you write a headline and you ignore the different awareness level of your audience, you could mess things up 

For example, if you write to somebody who is completely unaware and use a headline for someone who is “problem or solution aware” you’re going to miss sales. . 

So before you write that headline, think about the awareness of your market because that Kick-Ass headline might kick your sales away.. 

Thank you

For Coaches : the one big mistake killing your profit and revenue ( and how to correct it) 

Coaching is a great profession.

 Not only do you help transform people’s lives, you also get paid well for doing so. 

But there’s 1 big mistake most coaches make that kills their revenue and profit. 

This mistake is a big hole leaking money from their pocket. 

You might be making this same simple mistake too so read on to find out. 

When you stop making this 1 mistake you’ll take control of your time, enjoy coaching even more ,  double or triple your current revenue… 

…and now have free time to pursue your hobbies, have time for your family and even travel the world. 

For many, overcoming this mistake can be a game changer. It will be the same for you. 

So what’s the mistake? 

I’ll reveal it in a moment. But before I do, let me ask you this simple question. 

What’s the one thing you love doing the most in your business? 

Most coaches will say “interacting and helping clients transform their lives”.

That’s cool. 

But you see, the coaching business is a business like any other business. 

And in business, there are many moving parts. 

For example, there’s a part that attracts prospects and turns them to clients.

 That part is advertising and marketing. 

Another moving part could be operations, customer care etc. 

The last part could be the actual coaching. 

That’s you talking to clients and helping them change their lives, and achieve their goals. 

And this is the part most coaches love.

Now here’s the mistake. 

Most coaches try to handle all the moving parts by themselves. 

They try to do marketing, copywriting, sales, customer care etc and also coaching.

Are you doing the same thing? 

This is mistake kills profit and revenue. 

According to expert business consultant, Michael Gerber, in his best selling book ” The E-Myth Revisited “… 

… “People make less money in their business than they should – because they are doing the wrong work”

Guess what the wrong work is? 

Doing everything in your business by yourself.

And focusing only on coaching.

Here’s another fact . 

Not all parts of your coaching business carry the same impart on your revenue. 9

Some parts are more important than some. 

So what’s the most important part of your coaching business? 

The answer will shock you. 

If you know the 80 20 rule, you’ll know that 20% of the moving parts in your business gives 80% you of your profit and revenue.

I hate to say but it’s true. 

According to Michael Gerber in his book “The E-Myth revisited”… 

The moving part that gives business ( in your case coaching) the highest revenue, is not coaching. 


It is marketing and sales. 

Proper marketing and sales will drive in 80% of your profit and revenue. 

A good coach with no marketing will have low revenue. 

An average coach with stellar marketing will make Millions. 

It’s a sad fact. But true. 

Now imagine a great coach like you having  great marketing. 

That would change everything. 

So what’s the solution? 

Don’t try to do everything. 

Simply outsource parts of your business that’s not coaching . 

Concentrate on delivering the coaching… But outsource the marketing, advertising and sales to experts. 

Your marketing and sales is so important. 

Just handing over the marketing and working with expert copywriters will zoom your sales, revenue and profit. 

And that my friend, is the big mistake coaches make and how to overcome it. 


Are you making this mistake? 

How do you handle your marketing and advertising? 

Thank you. 

How To Sell Anything (Even Stupid Things)

Have you ever wondered why people spend on things?

Even things sometimes considered to be stupid?

Well, I have.

But as a Direct Respose copywriter, I now know why.

You see, many people make the mistake to think “demand or needs” are usually only physical or normal needs like “food”.

People buy more for deeper emotional reasons.

For example the need to be “respected”.

If you can show that a product can bring a person honor and respect, he’ll buy it.

The demand or need for respect already exist.

All you do is channel it to a product or service.

And that’s exactly what I do. I channel demand to your offers to produce sales.

See details here

How To Make People BUY

What does all businesses want?


WITHOUT it your business is fried like chicken on Christmas.

And there’s only one way to make sales in any business…


Until someone pays for your product or service, you don’t have jack.

So knowing how to make people BUY (AKA knowing how to sell) is so critical to your business success.

In business, knowing how to SELL is like knowing how to “breath”.

The “life” of your biz depends on it.

So how is it done?

Here’s a quick tip.

(And the first step to making people buy.)

“Know and “channel” the deepest desires of your target market to your product or service”

This is one copywriting wisdow found in the classic copywriting book by Eugene Swartz, Breakthrough Advertising, (which happens to be most expensive copywriting book in the world).

So take note of this…

To sell any product or service “channel” the desires (already present) in your market to that product or service.

If that’s kinda confusing, lemme break it down for ya.

See the thing.

Every living being has a desire.

For example, as you read this, you surely have a desire. (it could be to meet a need, or get a solution to a problem)

And that’s where all selling starts.

To make anyone buy or give you money, you need to “channel” his or her desire into your offer.

The different desires you can channel to any offer are also called “market appeals”.

And if you understand market appeals, know the deep desires of your target market , you can easily sell almost anything.

Yep. It’s true.

Take for example, one time I wrote an ad with the headline.

“How This “Shirt” Gave Me A $20000 Job”

I “channeled” a popular human desire (or market appeal) into selling that shirt.

There are so many other effective market appeals that makes people buy.

In fact , one offer can have more than 5 market appeals.

You need to know these market appeals and use them to generate sales.

And that, my friend, is how to make people BUY.

Thank you.


Mk Akan

PS- The quickest way to make people BUY (especially if you don’t have selling skills) is to get an expert copywriter to do it for you.

And that’s exactly what I can do for you.

I have written sales letters that generated crazy sales for different people and companies.

One time my sales letter destroyed another sales letter.

It quadrupled the conversion rate from about 1.1% to 4.51%.

So if your desire is sales, then I can make it happen for you.

Here’s what to do to get started.

Reach out to me, let’s double (or at least increase) your sales.

I know the EXACT “market appeals” that can make customers line up to pay for your products or services.

Click here to reach out Now. Do it now

Superior Business Weapons And Business Lessons From The Last Heavy Weight Boxing Bout…

Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

…where An Overweight Boxer Humiliated A 6 Pack, Buffed Heavy Weight Champion.

Did you watch the heavyweight fight between Andy Ruiz (the Mexican boxer), and Anthony, the heavyweight champion?

Well I did not.

I didn’t even now there was a fight. Lol.

Had to watch the highlights though and read some articles about the fight after I saw many social media memes about it.

I had to check it out.

Guess what?

It’s a real SHAME.

You know, most people never gave the Mexican boxer a chance.

Many people said he was too fat and all that.

But he ended up beating the reigning heavy weight champion (blue-black) and took all his belts.

Real shame. (I tell you).

Many people have different theories about why he lost.

Well, I have mine too.

I call them life lessons.

And these lessons are SERIOUS lessons about life and business in general.

Here they are;

1. NEVER take anyone for granted.



I believe lesson number 2 is a Boy Scout slogan…but its 100% true.

So how does these lessons connect to business?

Well, here is the thing.

Business is like WAR. Or a boxing bout. ( if you like)

No sane person will go for war unprepared.

If you do, you’ll get SLAUGHTERED.

Anthony (the reigning heavy weight champion) probably underrated the Mexican boxer and did not prepare properly for the fight.  

It cost him all his belts.

So lemme ask you this.

Are you prepared or preparing to win in your business?

Or are you like Anthony just jumping into the arena (of business) to be Slaughtered?

One way to prepare for the “WAR of BUSINESS”…is to have the right arsenal and superior weapons

 In business, a superior weapon can be a “bad ass copywriter”… Who can craft winning sales letters, emails and other persuasive messages that convert prospects to buyers.

And that’s what I do for my clients.

That’s what I’ll do for you and your business.

So do you need a sales letter, emails or any kind of sales material written for your business?

Send me a message here, so we can talk about your next project.

Do it NOW…so you don’t get slaughtered like Anthony.

Contact ME Now, so we prepare your business for SUCCESS.