Revealed: The Secret $1 billion Headline Formula Used by the Biggest Companies in Direct Response Marketing

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It can double or triple your sales almost overnight. 


What you’re about to discover here is a powerful headline formula. 

It has brought in billions in sales for the biggest direct response companies in the world. 

I uncovered this headline formula after studying and breaking down lots of promotions in the financial and health space. 

It’s easy to use and quite powerful.

 If you sell anything with direct response copywriting, you should use it. 

It may beat your other headlines. 

Before I reveal this formula, let me talk a little bit about headlines. 

According to Claude Hopkins,( a master copywriter)… your headline is 80% of your ad. 

So it can make or break your sales. 

In the book Great Leads, 2 renowned copywriters agree that your headline is 80% of your ad. 

With that said, here’s the formula. 

I call it the CAB headline formula. 

C for credibility 

A for attention

B for benefit 


Most headlines on s sales letters come in 3 parts. 

  1. The eyebrow copy 
  2. The Main headline 
  3. The deck copy

The eyebrow copy is the first line of text seen in a sales letter. 

Usually just above the main headline. 

The main headline is usually bolder in font size. 

It is usually in the middle. 

The main headline can mention a benefit or a mechanism.

The “deck copy” is the 3rd part of your headline complex.

This 3rd part can mention the benefit or what the reader will gain by reading the sales letter.

Sometimes the deck copy comes with a testimonial.


Now take a look at the picture below. 

No alt text provided for this image

(Justin Goff posted that picture not long ago in his group)

The picture uses the CAB headline formula. 

  1. The eyebrow copy mentions “2 Nobel prize Economists”. 

This projects strong credibility. 

2. The main headline says “ Will You Be Left Behind”

That’s something you want to go check out.

3. The deck copy talks about “millionaires’” and how you can make great wealth.

That’s the benefit of reading the copy.

And there you have it.

A simple but powerful headline formula.


Of course, this is not the only headline formula.

But it is very effective when selling to sophisticated or problem aware markets.


Now would you like me to write this kind of headline for you to test or for your next project?

Hit me up lets talk.

Mk Akan


Author: Mk Akan (Copywriter)

Mk Akan is a Direct Response Copywriter with over 7 years experience. He has written "winning" copy in different industries and niches including IM, Wealth, Relationship, Self Help, and fundraising. Contact him NOW and start making more sales and profit in your business.

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